Who is eligible?
The current college-going students who have done their CADD courses either with the help of YouTube videos or from their friends or from college CAD lab/ professors, and looking for a proficiency certificate are eligible for taking an exam and availing a certificate.

How to take the exam?

First, the student has to create an account and register. For registering, one has to give their name, email id and create a password. The name should be exactly the same as they want to be printed on the certificate. If the student enters a wrong name, the certificate may not be of good use for the student. We expect the student to give their name similar to what they have on their 10th class certificate.

Once they register, one has to choose a course from the list under Civil and Mechanical branches. There will be 15 objective-type questions to answer. If they answer 8 questions correctly, they can avail course proficiency certificate.

When to pay the fee?

You are required to pay the fee of Rs.250/- + GST only when you pass the exam, i.e. answer 8 questions of 15 questions.

Can we repeat the exam?

Yes. The student may repeat the exam, as many times as they can till they pass the same.

How to avail certificate?

Once the student passes the exam, they can choose "Pay and download Certificate" option. If the student doesn’t have money or debit or credit card readily available, they may pay anytime with the same login details (email and password), pay and download the certificate.

Can we download the certificate?

The student may download the certificate after making the payment at any time.

For any queries, please email training@eccindia.org